Chin Implant

There are several types of facial implants to correct facial contour and provide better harmony to the face. One of the most popular is the chin implant.

There are two different procedures by where the implants can be placed. One is by accessing the chin through the inside of the mouth

and another is by opening a tiny incision under the chin. The size and shape of the implant can vary according to what best suits the patient’s facial appearance. The surgeon will adjust and sculpt the implant as needed and as agreed by the patient prior to the actual surgical procedure.

Local anesthesia and IV sedation are recommended. This allows the surgeon to place the implant in front of the bone and behind the muscle to create a natural desired look.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. Once the procedure is completed the patient is taken to the recovery room where he/she will receive the appropriate care.

Once the doctor evaluates the patient’s status and is comfortable with his/her recovery; the Doctor allows the patient return home.

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