Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis in an operating room or surgery center. On average, the surgery lasts one to one and half hours. General anesthesia is commonly used and local anesthesia is also an option. Your surgeon can discuss with the most appropriate choice of anesthesia for your procedure.
Your surgeon will make an incision and create a “pocket”, or space within your breast tissues for the breast implant. The breast implants will be placed in the pockets and positioned. Then, the incision will be closed, usually with stitches and possibly taped.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Incision Sites: To permit the smallest possible incision, the breast implant is typically inserted empty and filled with saline. You should discuss with your surgeon the pros and cons for the specific incision site recommended for you. There are three common incision sites: under the arm (axillary), under the nipple (periareolar), or within the breast fold (inframammary)

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