Blepharoplasty is presently one of the most practiced cosmetic procedures due to the excellent , dramatic and natural results that are obtained.

As we age , our skin and its connective tissues become lax and loosen; giving a sagging, puffy appearance that makes one look older.

The surgery on the superior eyelids consists of the incision over the eyelashes which correct s the sagging eyelids and gives the eyes a more refreshed and younger appearance.

The procedure on the inferior eyelids extract fatty deposit that cause pounches and excess skin is also removed smoothing out the face.

The surgery can be performed as an outpatient , using local anethesia or sedation. Blepharoplasty leaves minimal bruising and minimal to no scarring. The incision are closed with tiny sutures , which are removed a few days after the procedure. Antibiotics and cold compressions are advisable for the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

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